Welcome to G&M Electronics

Unit 8 Grafton Court, Longford 

+353 (0) 433 348 304 

Welcome to G&M Electronics

Unit 8 Grafton Court, Longford 

+353 (0) 433 348 304 

Apple iPad

Trade In Mobile

Here at G&M Electronics we take old or unwanted smartphones and tablets.All makes and models. We also take your broken smart phones and tablets.

How It Works?

​1. Value Your Device

Fill in device details and click on Request Trade In Value and we'll contact you with an offer

 2. Get Posting

Padded and secure your device and register post with AN POST

3. Receive Payment

Once we've received your device, we'll transfer the cash into your bank account or paypal account same day as device arrives to our store.

Please note: All iphones / ipads must have "find my iphone" feature switched off and the icloud account deleted before sending to our store. Any devices that come to our store with @find my iphone' turned on or have an iphone account active will not be accepted.

Device Information

Please enter the device information that you would like to sell and a member of our team will contact you via email as soon as possible with an offer.

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Questions When Selling Your Device

Where and what is my IMEI number? 

The IMEI number is a unique identification number associated with your headset. This number tells us the history of the phone - make, model, contract terms, blocked, stolen etc. We carry out a full background check on all snartphones bought or traded in and the IMEI number is logged for full traceability. You will find your IMEI number by dailing *#06# on your handset or settings > General > About.

My phone is blocked/barred/blacklisted, can i sell it?

Yes, you can sell it. But not to us! We do not buy blocked,barred,blacklisted or stolen smartphones. If you try sell us a stolen device, we will 100% of the time, pass the device and your details on to the Gardai.

How do i get paid?

G&M Electronics offer two methods of payment - Bank Transfer or Paypal. We only issue payments to actual devices seller - your phone, your bank account that gets paid.

When do i get paid?

Once we receive your Device, we carry out tests and checks - condition,faulty parts,network status, outstanding contract/finance. Usually within 24-48 hours of receiving your handset, we call to arrange payment.

How do i turn off "find my iphone" and delete icloud account?

On the device, go to Settings > icloud. Scroll down and slide across the "find my iphone" switch. You will be prompted to enter your apple id password. Once complete, carry on down and select 'Delete account'. And thats it, you're done.

How do i send my phone to you?

After Filling in the device details and send us the details a member of our team will contact you with an offer. If you are happy With the offer you can send the device to our store. We recommend packaging the device very carefully and only using An Post registered to send in your devices to us. As items can go missing or damged in the post, G&M Electronics are in no way responsible for items that may go walk about or get damaged along the way. Registered post may cost a few €€€ more, but its safer than the alternative!

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